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We spend much of our lives with our eyes wide open but do we always see as clearly as we'd like? Probably not! All too often we overlook the ordinary cues and clues that can make such an incredible difference in how we make our decisions, deliver on our business and personal tasks, interact with those around us or even how we appreciate the world in which we live. No wonder the phrase "Can't see the forest for the trees" seems more apt with each passing day.   PHOTOVISION: The Art of Seeing is an opportunity to re-awaken your visual senses as well as your perceptual skills. With a simple digital or instant camera as your only tool and Bob Friday as your friendly guide, you'll embark upon a journey to self-discovery that can help reveal the elements of form, shape and perspective that can lend greater meaning and enjoyment to each day. Seeing is truly an art. Come, enjoy the view!


• The Big Picture - What is it? How do you capture it?

• Perspective - It's all in how you look at it! The many angles.

• Small Stuff - The details make the difference

• Black, White & Shades of Gray - The contrasts of a situation

• Luck & Success - When opportunity hits, will you be lucky?

• Tools of the Art - Art needs tools, tools need understanding

• The Gut Feel - See it, feel it, capture it, convey it, enjoy it!


Twenty-five years ago, fresh out of college, Bob travelled the country as a solo musical performer, accompanied by a bold, projected display of his own award-winning photographs. Now, after an outstanding career as an executive consultant, creative director & producer of blockbuster corporate shows, meetings, events, branding & advertising, Bob has returned to his artistic roots, this time with a fresh perspective to share. As a valued communications consultant for companies like GE, M&M/Mars, Countrywide, Warner Bros., Puma & many others, Bob brings an in-depth understanding of the forces that drive & motivate our behaviors. His workshop is a warm, involving & truly enjoyable opportunity for you to share the joys of that unique vision.

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