"Real Solutions for Real People" ad campaign for GE Polymerland focused on the real world issues in the plastics molding marketplace

TGIF inventoried the needs of numerous industry people from designers and specifiers to molders, purchasing officers and quality control managers. Armed with the real world needs we presented GE Polymerland's newest web-enabled sales and service functions as "just what you're looking for."

A series of tongue-in-cheek glimpses of those daily frustrations gave resin buyers and industry-types a way to light-heartedly look at the issues and recognize that somebody -- GE Polymerland -- understood their frustrations and, better yet, was giving something more than lip-service to addressing the needs.

The results?

Customer assessments showed a significantly higher preference for GE Polymerland's business approach and needs fulfillment than for the competitors' offerings and the rate of orders showed a marked rise over the course of the campaign.

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