TGIF Communications produces BREAK the CYCLE's "Summer Soirée" for 5th year

TGIF Produces Fifth "Summer Soirée" for Break the Cycle

A bright and balmy Sunday afternoon in July, enticing multicultural cuisines festively presented on the NY Streets of the Fox Studios backlot, captivating musical and visual performances and an altogether warmly engaged audience of friends, family and supporters can only mean one thing: Break the Cycle's Summer Soirée! This year's Soirée promises a continuation of the special charm and ambiance that has made it a must-attend event for the last eight years. And, as in the last four years, this event will be produced by TGIF Communications under the direction of Bob Friday.

The event is scheduled for July 25th from 4:00 -7:30PM

For tickets and information call Break the Cycle at 310.286.3366 or visit the website: to learn more about how you can help support their work.

For tickets and more information, contact Break the Cycle at