M&M/Mars Olympic Sponsorship Launch

"Catch the Fire" show

As one of the ten Global Sponsors of the Olympics, M&M/Mars needed to get their sales force up to speed on the marketing power of the Olympic property. TGIF determined that a total immersion environment was the best and fastest way to accomplish the task. We created a surround environment evoking the columns of the original stadium in Olympia, Greece and filled the spaces between with huge Olympian imagery juxtaposed with Mars products, people and energetic visuals. With the help of gymnasts from the American Gymnastics Center, our recreation gave the sales folks their first exciting taste of what was to come in the ensuing Olympic year.

AOL TIME WARNER's Publishing & Distribution entities were facing challenges -- divisional merger issues, a sour economy and a less than comfortable feeling about the comparative nature of the skill sets within each group. But how to get everybody back on the same track? TGIF created a thematic approach that challenged each member of both divisions to step up and take charge of the elements of their success. No mere game this! Each aspect of this meeting design was focused on imparting the kind of knowledge that would put this team at the top of the competition.

The stage design for this show created a vibrant engaging environment with multiple video screens and surround panels that would change with each topic.


GE POLYMERLAND National Sales Meeting

The company wanted to celebrate the opening of their new headquarters and, at the same time, hold a sales meeting. We took a big totally empty & undeveloped 14,000 square foot space in an adjoining part of their office park and turned it into an MTV-Unplugged set with huge video screens, dramatic lighting, a formal dinner for almost 400 guests followed by a private concert with Bruce Hornsby and his band. Everything had to brought in -- electricity, air conditioning, carpeting, bathrooms, kitchens and of course, all the decor. The event was simply over the top and set the tone for upcoming success within the sales and headquarters staff.