"This Is IPC" video

This unique provider of physician specialists who focus solely on in-hospital patient care needed a capabilities presentation that captured their uniqueness in a manner that was, at one and the same time, as high tech as their PDA-based technology but as warmly human as their personnel.

"This Is IPC" QuickTime Video (2.3mb)

TRADE SHOW VISUAL PRESENTATION for CIRQUA Customized Water -- As part of the overall branding effort recently launched for CIRQUA, this presentation was produced and shown continuously in the booth at the Specialty Coffee Association and National Restaurant Association trade shows as way to deliver the core message and values of intrinsic to the newly minted brand. The presentation also formed the foundation of stand-up presentations to new and existing customers during the launch period.

"CIRQUA Booth Capabilities" QuickTime Video (1mb)



The launch of a new merchandising unit designed for kids required a kid-like environment within which the corporate marketing types could deliver their facts and figures. We created an animated whimsical Fun Factory and placed our two friendly suits inside! The response from grocers and C-store planners was sweet!


"BRACH's Fun Factory" QuickTime Video (3.7mb)




After years away from the USA market, PUMA wanted to re-enter with a big splash. Using images of Puma's endorsement athletes, newly created graphics and even drawings of the inner workings of their shoes, TGIF produced a series of 5 1 and 2 minute long graphic videos that played on huge screens at the launch show as well as the large-scale customer events at Fox Studios.

"PUMA USA Launch" QuickTime Video (2.9mb)



"Santa Monica's Public Art"

As part of an internal presentation at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel on attractions in the local neighborhood, TGIF created a jewel of an orientation piece that included original photography from a larger series taken for the Santa Monica CVB by TGIF's Creative Director, Bob Friday.

"Santa Monica Public Art" QuickTime Video (1mb)